I cant believe

Jan 01

I cant believe

Posted by pozhiin on

That exactly one year ago we were all fucking excited about TODAY. Why? Because The strokes were gonna realease theyre 4th album 2010.

And strange enough it doesnt seem like they're getting anywhere. As a matter a fact it seems like were gonna have to wait another year. Like they might realease it late 2010 or early early 2011


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Noooo guys 2010 is the year of the Stroke's EPIC comeback.It has to be! Julian's last show is what the 15th? So that means that they will all be back in the studio together right after.They're headlinig 2 major festivals in the summer.I don't think the album will be out by then.they will proballly sing a few new songs.So I'm predicting a fall release date. *Crossing Fingers*

Was it because of Albert's rehab? I think it was Albert's rehab PLUS the fact that the record company wants them to release the album at a certain time... They probably would be rushing things if not for that. But that is why I think there is no rush.

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