Anyone get their deluxe set yet?

Jan 03

Anyone get their deluxe set yet?

Posted by Max Fischer on

I still haven't gotten an email from them confirming it's on it's way yet.

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I dont care what all you haters think!

I got my box set last night! and I LOVE it! it's amazing!

Julian made each individual song long. So even though it has few songs it's longer than the Strokes records. He said he also wanted to keep it short and sweet. It's about quality not quantity. He also was able to sell the album cheaper that way too. And the Deluxe set had extra songs.

and why do u think that he chose to put only 11 songs on his debut? I think a musical genius would have much more to say and want to put out there???


yeah I agree.He's just doing something nice for all his hardcore fans.I'm glad he came out with this.there's nothing wrong with that.and his album was amazing.

I don't want to stir controversy.
But what's important is that the fans are happy.
End of line, wouldn't you agree?

mmmmmmm yeah i thought the box set was a bad idea to, isnt it something old retired bands do ,seems to be a bit of a rip off for the hardcore fans! Its strange to release a boxset for your debut solo album when apparently julian only released Phrazes cos he was sick of waiting around for the others anyway.

I LOVE the album. I think it's genius. I could see how it comes off bad for Julian to do a box set.. but I think he just did it as something cool for the fans. I ALSO think Julian feels under appreciated because people don't realize how talented he is.

Did u guys all really like his album [i]that[/i] much to get the deluxe set. I really dont know what he was thinkin when he decided to put out that deluxe shit. I think it spoke about him as an artist, and not in a good way.

I havn't gotten mine either or the email for that matter!and I live in SoCal.A lot of people in Europe and Canada have gotten theres already.and also near where I live.I havn't even gotten an email! wtf man! I'm dying here! but supposibly they're shipping the last ones out those of us who havn't recieved them yet will be recieving an email tomorrow with a tracking device thing.I just hate waiting!

Ahh nah East Texas. Well im just really anxious for the set. Knowing that other people havent recieved their confirmation email is relieving though.

Hey The Engineer wouldnt that mean that I should be recieving it around the sixth too? Since they're probably delivering by location and stuff..

Hmmm.. well i guess all i can do is wait. :roll:

hey im from spain as well! well 25%. if your getting yours on the 6th ill prob get mine never, i live on the exact opposet side of cali. uuuugghhhhhhhhhhhh

no no no (=
you're not going goofy.
I am Spanish.
I don't currently RESIDE in Spain.

I thought you were from Spain, TE? My memory is going goofy lately.. lol

Hey Maxxy,
well, i've received the conformation.
estimated arrival: Jan. 6th
destination: south Texas

Ohhh.. sorry.. thought you said LA for some reason.

What are you up to man?

el paso, texas

Where are you located Pozhiin? LA right?

nope. me netha'

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