Is it possible....

Jan 07

Is it possible....

Posted by Max Fischer on

Does anyone know if it is possible to get the Strokes songs WITHOUT vocals? Is there some way you can get access to the tracks without the vocal element recorded but the actual studio recordings??

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Those are AWSOME! Thanks! Love that stuff.

It would be cool to hear matching vocals for that in the same style. haha

What is the name of their band written on? Is that some kind of old radio?

Yo Max, just in case you hadn't found this (although i'm sure you have! 8-) )

them's some sweet backing tracks!

I think it would help to evaluate the music. It would be cool if you could break down each track. Maybe someday in the future all music CDs will have that capability. Maybe we should email the Strokes.. they could start the trend. haha

I wonder if that would cause any problems though? Like with someone trying to use elements from the song or something.. copyright issues..

I think artists somtimes release them without vocals for some reason or another, but other than that I have no idea how you would go about getting that.

Somtimes I want the track without vocals too, I'm not even sure why.

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