Just popping in to say hello.

Jul 16

Just popping in to say hello.

Posted by Red Lipgloss on

Hey everyone,

Long time no see (according to this thing, it's been over a year since I logged in. Holy hell)

Some of you might remember me, most of you probably don't- but Sam (ghettopinkchickn) and I were going through old pictures/videos/e-mails/internet shit together the other day and the topic of this MB and all the crazy shenanigans came up. It's kind of hard to believe that it'll be almost ten years since I first logged in here in a few months.

I'm checking in on her behalf and on mine, of course. Hope everyone (old and new members alike) are doing well. We're just ducky here. :)

And for Strokes-related purporses, it's nice to see Julian isn't fat anymore.


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