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The Strokes Tribute Concert (Live at [url=]Lunnevads folkhögskola[/url], Sweden, 22 May 2010)

[i]Just a short background info. Well, It started when me and my band mate went studying to a music school for one year together.. And as we both are massive Strokes-fans we inevitably got a few students to listen to the band. One of them, a jazz bassists who had never heard of The Strokes before, really started to like them. Bla, bla, bla.. And then one night it all came down to: "We should do a tribute concert!"
We later got a drummer and a second guitarist to join us and we were good to go to the rehearsal room![/i]

We hadn't thought about recording it until like 2 hours before the actual gig. So we basically just got our hands on a video cam and told a guy to "press the red button". Unfortunately the video result was kinda useless, out of angle and dark, and we decided to just use the audio, which turned out better than we expected. This is yet our first and only tribute concert, but we would really like to do it again sometime and record it more properly.

Enought said, I just thought it'd be fun to share this to you guys!

Set list:

[i] 01. Is This It
02. Modern Age
03. What Ever Happened
04. Someday
05. You Only Live Once
06. Reptilia
07. Automatic Stop
08. I Can't Win
09. New York City Cops
10. Last Nite
11. Out of the Blue (Julian Casablancas)
12. Take It Or Leave It[/i]

[b]Here is a quick sample of "Last Nite" from the concert:[/b] [url][/url]

[b]And here you can DOWNLOAD the whole thing:[/b] [url][/url] [b][64,7 MB][/b]

[size=200]Enjoy![/size] :D

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