Suggestions to the Band for the New Tour.

Oct 19

Suggestions to the Band for the New Tour.

Posted by LightsFromSpace on

It would be great when you guys go on tour supporting your new album, if you chose local bands from each city to open up the shows. When you come to Seattle, we are officially putting our name in for consideration:

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Come to Leeds arena Uk please

Come to Chicago...never been to any concert and dread to see The Strokes as my first.

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Houston, TX please!

florida!!!!! please....

chicago [:

Istanbul ! I could give away 5 years of my life just to hear you here

Atlanta, Georgia!!! I'm dying to see The Strokes, it would be like a dream!

upstate new york :]

boston, or maybe hampton beach...anywhere in new england really

Yeah we need you in LA.

Algiers , north Africa. LOL

please come to LA

Hahaha howabout come to Vancouver? :D

The Mouths will be glad to open for ya..!/pages/The-Mouths/141978205843520

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