LP4: March 22nd...get excited or something

Jan 11

LP4: March 22nd...get excited or something

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[quote]the Strokes look set to release their new album on March 22 in the US - according to a leaked memo from their US record label.

Music blog Directcurrentmusic.com reports that a release schedule from their label, RCA, lists the New York band's forthcoming fourth record as being released on that date. Bassist Nikolai Fraiture recently said the album would be released "by March".

The band's UK spokesperson told NME that a UK release date had not been set yet.

The as-yet untitled 10-song follow-up to 2006's 'First Impressions Of Earth' was produced by the band in guitarist Albert Hammond Jr's upstate New York studio after initial sessions with producer Joe Chiccarelli were scrapped.[/quote]


10 songs = good
Nikolai saying the sound would be a mix of ROF and FIOE = ehhhhhhhhh

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