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Mar 05

30 second previews

Posted by seshat on

Steely Dan's 'Reeling in the Years' comes to mind when I listened to the 30 sec. clip of Gratisfaction. Eh. I like Petty's 'American Girl' much better. 'Taken For a Fool', which is growing on me, has a little Grass Roots 'Midnight Confession' going on there. Actually a majority of the songs have a very familiar sound to them. I hate to say it, but Darkness is the only song I sincerely like at this point.

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Two kinds of happiness is pretty good in a first impressions kind of a way, if the vocals weren't so irritating, i would actually like you're so right, taken for a fool ehh poppy, games makes me want to shoot hipster babies, call me back is very different, but i like it (*like* not love), I like gratisfaction, I can't tell how I feel about metabolism based on the preview, life is simple in the moonlight is alright.

I agree, Under Cover of Darkness is the only song I really enjoyed a lot. I guess that's the job of the single isn't it?
Boo to me for expecting it to be great.

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