Re: Top ten favorite strokes songs/top ten favorite songs

top 10 strokes songs:
1.) Take It or Leave It
2.) Trying Your Luck
3.) Someday
4.) Hard to Explain
5.) Reptilia
6.) 12:51
7.) Heart in a Cage
8.) The End Has No End
9.) Vision of Division
10.) Soma

Top 10 favorite songs: (in no particular order)
-Alright by the subways
-lullaby by the cure
-take it or leave it by the strokes
-rebellion (lies) by arcade fire
-atlantis to interzone by the klaxons
-turn into by the yeah yeah yeahs
-hate to say i told u so by the hives
-the scientist by coldplay
-michael by franz ferdinand
-a day in the life by the beatles