Re: Top ten favorite strokes songs/top ten favorite songs

no way i can do that!
so here's all the songs I DO like

Is This it
The Modern Age
Barely Legal
Alone, Together
Last Nite
Hard to Explain (no shit)
NYC Cops
When it started
Take it or leave it
What ever happened
Automatic Stop
You talk way too much
Between Love & hate
meet me in the bathroom (<3)
under control
the end has no end
the way it is
i can't win
you only live once
heart in a cage
on the other side
ask me anything
killing lies
15 minutes (<3)
ize of the world
evening sun
red light
Modern Girls & Oldfashioned men
In Her Prime
Clear Skies
My Drive thru (I know its just Julian and Santogold but I still like it!!)

Ones on the Album I didnt really like:
trying your luck (my least fav song by the band, ever. and if people are appalled by this, that just means its a compliment of the band, lol.)
vision of division (sometimes i like it, sometimes i dont. I like when its like 'how long must i waittt' and stuff but i hate after the cool guitar stuff in the beginning how its all slow-ish. its like i get all excited then its slow.. it kinda irks me but its not a bad song.. just yeah idk hardtoexplainn.)