Re: ROF is the best Strokes album

Yeah I don't see why everyone always says that Room On Fire is a simple "copy" of Is This It. Is This It didn't have any song that sounds like 12:51 (with the synth effect) or Reptilia (much darker than their usual) and the list goes on. Oh, and also I find it hilarious that people complain that this is TOO much like the original album but then they go on to complain even more that First Impressions of Earth is TOO much unlike their original album. That is so stupid. Anyways, just the album keeps the simliar recording style and similiar techniques doesn't mean it is a copy. It is a clear step towards higher musical accomplishment but people just love lumping things together with other things just because it is easiest at the moment. This album is great all on its on but it is not their best album because First Impressions of Earth is/