First.. that sig above me = HAWT.

"Why don't you come over here
we've got a city to love"
-Juicebox (and the rest of the lyrics)

"We're not enemies. We just dis-agree"
-Is this It

"Good try, we don't like it
Good try, we won't take that shit
Oh I can't win"
-I can't win

"Now she's staring wide-eyed
can't close her eyes"
-Meet me in the bathroom (and the rest of the lyrics)

"Kiss me now that I'm older.."

"I didn't take no shortcuts
I spent the money that I saved up
Aw mama runnin' out of luck
Well like my sister don't give a fuck"
-Barely Legal

"Oh Tennessee, what did you write?
I come together in the middle of the night."
-Whatever Happened (haha that part just sticks out when i hear it)

""And I'll be there" he says
And he walks out
Somehow he was trying too hard
To be like them"

Fuck, all Strokes songs have good quotes.
I can spend my whole morning here like writing all the lyrics but you get what I mean haha
all their songs have such meaning.. damn once again this band amazes me