Re: FIOE is my favourite album and I'm not ashamed to say it

I'm really glad you said this. Personally, I could never choose a favorite... I love them all. It really pisses me off when people bash FIOE though. A band does progress and change with time, and I think that's a good thing; they shouldn't be reprimanded for deviating. Different can and is positive, and therefore should be welcomed.

Also, The first Strokes song I heard was You Only Live Once, which I promptly bought along with Juicebox and Heart In A Cage. FIOE is the reason I sought out The Strokes. Actually, initially, I was disappointed with Is This It and Room On Fire, and only enjoyed FIOE. Obviously now I'm addicted to all of them, but anyway, I totally agree. On The Other Side is such a great song, too. Reminds me of Johnny Cash SO much.