Re: I've never ever ever been to a concert/show =[

I was VERY surprised to hear that my friend lin got me and her tickits. i spent two days begging my sister get them for me but she dident then next thing i know my friend lin is like "got the tix" all casual ajdghbkuraghbab. i cant imagen a better way to pop my show cherry lol im gonna try and hug him if we get up front ive got such a man crush on him i feel like if i was a girl id be in love with him, anyway enough gushing over julian (just saw him on late night)

I STILLLLL cant belive im going to see julian i really cant, i think im going to have a nervous break down seriously guys. i think the julian party at my place sounds like a good idea, ill go for it lol.

p.s. if theres any kind of stuff id have to know about shows let me know i dont wanna feel like that freshmen that walks into the school cafeteria and sits with the kool kids