Re: Julian wants weird music?

If the band went aong with creating "weird" music, I'd be disappointed, as I was with 'Phrazes for the Young.'
I just thought it being Julian C, I thought it was going to be out of this world. And I thought for them being the band they are, he would go out of his way to continue bringing something unique to music, but instead it seemed like he slightly followed to what type of music is being played at the time being.

But as far as the Fourth Strokes album, I feel that it should be a mixture between Room on Fire, and First Impressions of Earth, only because in my opinion, I thought it had some great tracks such as, You Only Live Once, Juicebox, Heart In A Cage, Killing Lies, Fear Of Sleep, Ize Of The World, Red Light, haha basically the whole album. But I don't care too mcuh for the raw sound, or not only because I try understanding the bands perception they wanted to orchestrate in the 'New sound'. Isn't that what a new album is all about? But other than that, I understand you completely.

By the way, whats your input on the 'Phrazes For The Young?'