Re: Julian wants weird music?

I agree with you about the whole "weird music" thing, perhaps if his new solo album was his "wierd" album, id understand, i mean its a solo effort so he should do what he wants, but i defenitley dont think after a 3+ year wait on an anticipated 4th Strokes album, should it be an album full of wierd music, we want Strokes music!:), what worries me is that after reading all the interviews, it seems the band is worse shape than i knew it was, i mean band members not communicating and not being able to talk and figure out practice time for the band, someone is def holding some kind of grudge and making it difficult for the band to get together. Ive read interviews and Julian has said the band knows he is "Always available" which leads me to believe some of the members have some kind of pickle with Julian and its really causing a delay in the process for the band to get together. This bands manager needs to jump in and make an intervention and say HEY, YOU GUYS ARE THE GREATEST F**KING ROCK BAND IN THE WORLD, KNOCK THIS CRAP OFF, HUG AND PLAY NICE...AND GET THIS 4TH ALBUM OUT!!!!:)