preform in chicago

Jul 11

preform in chicago

Posted by angelrock8D on

many pepople have gone on about the strokes not preforming in chicago. please prevent our difficulty and preform in chaicago. thiers lots of people who would kill to go to a strokes concert but whats the point when the strokes never preform in woudl be amazing to finally get to see the strokes to preform in chicago.

By _gonemadXD - 07/11/11 - 11:47AM
you are my all and always will be, looks like im not the only crazed fan for the strokes but really would be a plessing if the strokes would preform in chicago. now i cant promise i waited for the strokes year after year. but i have waited iv never seen you guys preform and the expirience i will have once the strokes come to chicago.i can lie to myself and say i know you. i can lie to my friends and say i know you. but what part of chicago realyy knows the strokes if the strokes dont know chicago. i speak for the living sake of chicago, "please please please preform in chicago"

By strokesrule - 07/10/11 - 5:29PM
im not in europe, who told you i was in urope,im not in new orleans or the uk, im in chiago. it would be amazing and will make my life more worth living if you preformed in chicago ahh. yepyep. chicago, home to stroke freaks i love you guys and i dont understand why you guys dont preform here. so i suggest that you preform in chicago for the sake...of chiago pretty please with suger on top

By pulse2stabilize - 07/05/11 - 12:51PM
i guess it's a good thing that i'm not the only one who's been waiting multiple years for you to and your music is everything to me...i wouldn't be alive without it...there's not a day that goes by where i don't listen to the strokes..i listen for hours at a time...if you just come to chicago, my life will pretty much be complete..i kinda need you to please please please please come.......CHICAGO!!!!!! i love you guys<3

By angelrock8D - 07/05/11 - 5:04AM
face the media,hah all of illinois loves you, and imean the strokes as one not as julian or just as fab, dude i would kill to go to one of ur conserts but honestly its immpossable when ur not even near my town, u guys are alwaays in the united kingdom or some shizz, alot of people want the strokes to preform in chicago, if only you guys did i wuld be the first of 10009 to buy that ticket,iv waited years for yu guys to preform in chicago, and i yu guys still dont preform hear, all i got is stupid youtube, you guys our my favorite band and i dont juat say that because julian casablanca is really hott but because bands like the strokes do nothing at all and have totally succes, but serously you guys should preform in chicago the only thing that wuld really make me smile

the strokes really lightens my morning and have inspiring music and i dont know 1 person who wouldnt kill to go to your concerts. you guys are like legend and i ask that the strokes please preform in chicago. i would put my head down, my hands folded, on my knee's and right infront of you i could tell the loving lord how much i want the strokes to peform in with all the niceness and love in my heart i ask that you guys just preform in chicago.

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noooo Toronto!!

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chicago isnt as bad and crappy as new york ,its smaller,in size and in population~~please perform in chicago~~

chicago isnt as bad and crappy as new york ,its smaller,in size and in population~~please perform in chicago~~

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