Re: The underlying themes of 15 Minutes and FIOE

i love first impressions of earth with my whole heart. i just like how every part fits together, and i sort of feel like i wrote it a little, except i know i can't write as well. i know it's cool to have metephors and allusions to other things in lyrics,but i really think we take away from it when we analyze the shit out of something beautiful. every line doesn't neccesarily mean something, it's not a big cryptic puzzle, it's just sort of there because maybe one word or phrase can be the nuance that colours the feel or sound or atmosphere and makes it an individual, like something that happned once and won't happen again, or something, i don't know.
anyway yeah i love this album too but if it was huge we'd probably all be bitching about how everyone's suddenly jumping on the bandwagon when we've been in love since 2001, like the hipsters we are.