Please come to Ecuador

Oct 19

Please come to Ecuador

Posted by andrescandejo on

Hey, i wish you to sing with alisson mosshart, 'couse she sings so good and julian casablancas too, and oviussly nick valensi and alvert hammond jr plays the guitar realy good, fab moretti plays drums realy good to and nickolai fraiture plays the bass so good that i'ld be placed to meet him becouse i`m bassist too.

And i'm asking to you that if you'ld like to com to Cuenca, Ecuador in South America, becouse a lot of people know about you and like the strokes, becouse all the songs they have leasing to. And i love the storkes so much that i have all the albums on mi ipod, but not in CD becouse i can't find other cd's and i only have angles that came to ecuador. And i have The Rhythm Song to and i love it.

Please come to Cuenca, Ecuador.

After Brazil and Argentina, you could make concerts around south america with ecuador of course. We love you there.

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