Re: Sagganuts

sagganuts is one of the best songs ever!!!!!! the only recording of it i can find is the one from arlene grocery in 2000 (i think its 2000 maybe 01 idk) the sound qualitys not bad but he pic quality is horrible. but arlene grocery is probably my favorite performance of theirs ever i didnt go to it but through the horrible video quality u can kind of make out the whole band slashing drunkenly and wildly about the stage haha. im pretty sure theres a moment when either nick or julian tackle albert WHILE PLAYING SAGGANUTS! haha but it still turned out to be an amazing performance. everything sounded so raw and awesome i wish julian would still sing like that, u know, let it all loose. i love jules but his voice is getting worse hes really got to stop smoking so much. anyway im getting off topic the point is does anybody know of another recording of sagganuts? thanks