Thank you, strokes

Apr 07

Thank you, strokes

Posted by mrs. casablancas on

To all strokes members - it just occurred to me that, as this is your website, you might actually read these comments so if youre reading this, thank you. I know you probably get this a lot but i just wanted to say that youve really changed my and many other peoples lives. Youve completely redirected my life and i thank you. Ok im gonna go now before i go all mushy. : ) strokes fans, feel free to post ur thank you's underneath. And THANK YOU STROKES!! Ur my inspiration!!

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i totally agree with you they changed my life!! not only social but mentality as well. i use to listen to death metal and all that metal music since the 2nd grade and 5 years later i was in a school event and i heard the song is this it and i fell in love with the song a did research on it and even today their still my favorite band!! i've been a fan for 6 years i will die a fan! <3 i own all their albums and i will pre order the new one this week after i get my first pay check Laughing out loud THE STROKES

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