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......And from other artists
Elton John- Rocket Man or Have You Seen the Saucers
Arctic Monkeys- A Certain Romance or Suck It and See
The Libertines-Can't Stand Me Now
MGMT- Siberian Breaks or Time to Pretend
The Black Keys-Everlasting Light
Bob Dylan- Mr. Tambourine Man or Positively 4th Street
Simon and Garfunkel-America or Mrs. Robinson
The Rolling Stones- Dead Flowers or Waiting on a Friend
The Velvet Underground- All Tomorrow's Parties or Femme Fatale
The Eagles- Hotel California

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From the matadors themselves:

From the matadors themselves: Life Is Simple in the Moonlight, Electricityscape, Barely Legal, Reptilia, 15 Minutes, In Her Prime, Elephant Song, Vision of Division, Trying Your Luck, On the Other Side
10. Automatic Stop
9. You Only Live Once
8. Under Control
7. Someday
6. Razorblade
5. Is This It
4. Last Nite
3. Under Cover of Darkness
2. 12:51
1. Hard to Explain
Julian once said that the mission of the band at its inception was to create the feeling you get when you're listening to your favorite group. Listening to the Strokes is precisely like that, some songs are catchy enough that even justin beiber would sing along, some are so personal and intimate they make the greatest companions in bed( and the morning after)...