Why no mention of The Strokes in the media????

Jan 12

Why no mention of The Strokes in the media????

Posted by shuttlefinder on

I've been a Strokes fan since their first album. "This Is It", particularly songs like "Someday" and "Last Nite" defined the band... the whole 'garage band' trend in the early 2000's is what put the band on the map (at least for casual pop music fans)... but their follow up albums "Room on Fire", "First Impressions", and "Angles" are equally as great.

My question is why does the media, e.g. Rolling Stone keep ignoring the band? I realize they're not actively touring but it's almost like "Angles" was never released. After a 4 year hiatus I expected them to tour. I live in Detroit and see them every time they come to town. I'm such a groupie, my girlfriend and I flew to NYC to see The Strokes at The Hammerstein Ballroom back in 2006. I'm really bummed that nobody seems to acknowledge the fact that The Strokes are one of the best modern rock bands out there. There is so much garbage music on the charts... Will somebody please motivate the guys to hit the road.

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*Is this it.

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