Strokes in Toronto

Mar 19

Strokes in Toronto

Posted by rockstarrob on

ok so I've seen the strokes 5 times live. 1 time 1st album (Horseshoe Tavern Toronto), 2 times 2nd album (Clutch Cargo's Pontiac MI, Mississauga On), and 2 times 3rd album (Chicago, St Louis)....and then they decided to not come to my area at all (toronto)....I love the 4th album but they didn't come close to toronto. The 5th album sounds good don't you think it's about time to come to toronto. You have tons of fans up here. For heaven's sake it's the 4th biggest market in North America and it's only an 8hr drive from NY...GET YOU ASS UP HERE, ITS ABOUT TIME YOU SHOW UP YOUR WAY OVERDUE!!! GIve us a killer show...
From the guy who's shoulders Julian sang a bunch songs on at the Horseshoe back in the day.

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I have been listening to the Strokes for 2 years now and I have yet to see them at all, considering they didn't tour Canada at all for Angles and I start listening late. Please come to Toronto, it really is a short drive from NY, it would be crazy not to. Canada loves you guys just as much (maybe more) as the US!

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