2013 calendar

May 17

2013 calendar

Posted by hector26w on

hola! hice este calendario con fotos que encontre en internet. Espero que les guste Laughing out loud
hi! I made this calendar with pictures I found on the internet. Hope you like it Laughing out loud

<a href="http://issuu.com/hectorjoseperezwehdeking/docs/thestrokes2013/1" title="http://issuu.com/hectorjoseperezwehdeking/docs/thestrokes2013/1">http://issuu.com/hectorjoseperezwehdeking/docs/thestrokes2013/1</a>

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yeah.. nice\

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nice work!
I learn singing with the strokes!
since a week I just repeat the sentence
"how long must I wait"
its very difficult to imitate julian's perfect voice!

hey Hector its nice that you have made this calender with the photos. Such musical calendar is good to find with those who loves music. There are places where you can learn the online music.Singing is the best form to learn. Good teachers are available online who teaches you online via the chat tools on the internet. Timings are good to try at and the fees are also very nominal.

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