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Aug 06

Inspiration/ Give Thanks

Posted by JewlzCasablancas on

This may sound cheesy but I've got to say it.. the first song I ever heard from The Strokes was 'Someday' and when I heard that song it was this instant beautiful and weird connection with music that I had never felt before. I fell in love instantly with the song and the band. After hearing 'Someday' I became the biggest music addict, they even inspired me to learn to play the guitar and write music. 'Someday' was that one song that changed my life forever and made me realize what music was all about. The Strokes changed my perspective on so many things and they helped me get through high school and helped me figure out who I really was. I owe a lot to their music. They're my all time favorite band and always will be.. I really hope someday I get the extraordinary chance of seeing them live or to meet them to thank them for their beautiful, creative, and brilliant music.

Did The Strokes or one of the band members inspire you in someway or would you like to thank them for anything? share your story Smile

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