Aug 11


Posted by taC on

of course I shit money
for my parents who need 50.000 till next month
otherwise their house will be under the hammer
for my neighbour who has to pay for a lawyer
otherwise she will be a sex offender just because she likes to be naked

no, I don't need an apartment so I give it away
no, I don't need a car so I give it away
no, I don't need money so I give it away

and YES maybe I'll have enough for a plane and a journey

as long as I AM the person who goes into your world it will be uncertainly, you see

if you want to change this status than you have to change our.......WHAT?
ah I forgot.. I do not believe in.... I need more faith and truth... welll..... ok...
I live in a guestbook (ha, in two!), that's nice
OH HEY there is a kitchen! and a fridge! -deluxe
YAY food is good for my mood.....not?

and -wer hätt's gedacht- that's just what I say today...........

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