Lets face it: They do not care anymore

Aug 15

Lets face it: They do not care anymore

Posted by automaticstop182 on

Look Im a massive strokes fan , I've seen them 14 times
and own everything they have ever released including, in transit , the elephant song
and the first release of modern age,

Loved Is This it
Loved Room on fire, possibly even more (because my sis introduced me to the strokes, and this came out after, making it more personal and my record)
Loved First impressions cos this orginal message board was buzzing, songs slowly leaked
Angles...I tried..not good
Comedown machine..better good in places

Phrazes.. loved it

But in looking at a few things:
- Lack of any tour! at all
- Lack of attemping to make any push on having sucessful last albums (both free on line)
- The ridiculous decision in making Angles whilst JC was not there
- The mention that Angles was made for money
- The fact the last gig I saw them at, I.O.W festival, a random gig after 2 years out, that was purely taken for money
- That "All the time" is lazy, with a lazy video, that doesnt say or do anything beside a neat solo. But seriously the video.. no effort
- and that Comedown machine forfils the 5th and final album in their contract with the label

They just do not care that much anymore, not about the strokes anyway
Julian still has serious talent, and it breaks through at times on Comedown machine
I love the rest of the guys,
But Julian just make a second solo album, and in the way the band seem to treat themselves as The strokes now, Comedown machine is probebly the best that could be hoped for. Maybe thats enough, JC go it alone man

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