Aug 16


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welcome to motel felicity
we're a place for being free
we don't know what our personnal is talking about
but be sure you sleep at a cloud

let confusication outdoors
loose lostness on the horse

welcome to motel felicity
we don't know what's on tv
we don't know who's visiting us
we just know we're having spass

we don't think that you are through
because we see the beauty in you
(it's easy I'm sure you can see it too)

we don't think that you need
because everything is at your feet

this reality about everybody is doing some thing for money is soo boring
I do because of love
I don't have to prove
because I KNOW IT
if you think it's just because of this, it's your reality, you'll find many reasons to believe in,

that's one funny way of human being
or is it tragedy?

doesn't matter, believe what you want
some things confine your skyline,
it doesn't bother me, because I'm free
(of this value-thoughts)

I say 'hello' to all persons who do not believe in this
and I say 'fuck you' to the doubt producer

what a pity, the poem would be much better without this text
but I guess it's not fabrizi who's thinking this way..
or.. am I wrong?

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