6 Petals Dietary Schedule To Reduce Fat Deposits

Sep 11

6 Petals Dietary Schedule To Reduce Fat Deposits

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6 petals cereal diet day - The digestion of grains, vegetables, and as is with the expenditure of energy, so the fat melts away. Complex carbohydrates replenish glycogen cereals consumed in the previous day. Find out more relevant information from here <a href="http://www.generalgenie.com/author/marinalopez/">http://www.generalgenie.com/author/marinalopez/</a>

On the day allowed 1 cup of cereal - about 200 - 250 grams. For breakfast, cook slimy rice soup with herbs. You can eat crisp bread, washed down with homemade kvass. On this day you can see in advance and sprouted wheat grains which eat for lunch or dinner. It is better cook than to eat dry cereal.

Diet 6 petals curd day - Curds enrich the body with minerals, proteins of high quality. 500 grams of cheese divide by 4 meals acceptable milk. Information posted by <a href="http://www.addgoodsites.com/details.php?id=170641">http://www.addgoodsites.com/details.php?id=170641</a>

6 petals fruit diet day

Fruits replenish polysaccharides. Norma fruit a day contains 1.5 kg. Breakfast cook fruit salad, arch his vanilla and cinnamon. At lunch, prepare fruit smoothies. For dinner, bake apples or pears. Fix the result will discharge day on the water. Some advise to resort to cheating, that is, to arrange a holiday belly, the reward for their labors, but then there is a risk to reduce to zero the result of diet. Any mono-diet requires the correct output in order to reduce stress on the body, so it is better not to indulge yourself with chocolate and biscuits, to show resistance to the seventh day in the planning of a new style and a wardrobe update.

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