Alone Together Fan club

Sep 20

Alone Together Fan club

Posted by oh_someday on

I have been looking and looking for some alone together fan club memorabilia. The fanclub letters, In Transit dvd and anything else. Does anyone have all their fanclub memorabilia? I am willing to pay pretty high as I am so desperate to get my hands on these things. You would make me (a fellow fan) sooo happy if your selling! or at least anyone have any idea where I could find these things? (I've looked amazon, ebay)... I cant believe how unlucky I am to have found out about The Stokes long after the fanclub was gone! You would make me so happy and I would treasure them and take excellent care of them!! PLEASE, I'M BEGGING!!

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Dear as you are searching for fan club memorabilia, it will be very difficult to find one as those who have it will be a prized possession for them too. So either you should be very lucky to buy it from somebody who is in dire need of money or what you can do is to get a copy of the fan club memorabilia from the copyright holder. By that you can have your copy which you are able to gather in the legal way too.

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