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as long as you are not at my playground i just can sing

well i'm a one man band
nobody knows nor understands
is there anybody out there wanna lend me a hand?
to my one man band...

this is it!

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a simple job, just to buy the car

what work?

yes, at work

In any case I am not here to flirt with you, take note

at work? I don't understand

wow!! Freud was right!

At work there are many too, I undertsand...

ha, no seville

..and I dream a lot so there are many persons I met..

Thanks a lot! well I thought I saw you in Seville, easy as that!

why deception?
I just try to riddle a riddle

if I have one more chance:
you're a complety other person and then it was berlin

Stare what a deception of you!

game over... unfortunately...
oh I forgot cologne.. but I think that's not right, too

ok Stare
last possibility/chance!

paris and hmm city in france with "L"
and frankfurt

well, let's see... come on shoot!

ohh.... not a happy face
then it's not a happy day...

how often can I try?
its important to know...


oh... and..
happy birthday rainbow

try again!


Could you please explain to me how you could answer after a second and then not answer at all?

*mumble mumble...where was that?*
*maybe if i try I guess..*

*mumble mumble...where was that?*
*maybe if i try I guess..*

yes but you did not answer


you're definitively a new honorary member of my stalker club

You said Europe...
very very easy!
where in Europe? Europe is very big, the world is not so small...

I understand fear of love
do you think you are a philophob person?

no I have no idea.

you still dress sunglasses...
I think it's unfair.

doesn't matter "how in love" ,was just a gloss
I was on ground zero and matched with my fantasy..

<a href="http://www.phobiafears.com/phobia/philophobia-fear-of-love/" title="http://www.phobiafears.com/phobia/philophobia-fear-of-love/">http://www.phobiafears.com/phobia/philophobia-fear-of-love/</a>

Ok let's say that it was partially true... :]
The truth is that I've been waiting for your answer and I got deceived by the fact you didn't.
I send you a kiss :]

bah forget it nothing said before was true

I am someone who waits for yr replies.
Since I met you here I am not living anymore...
You have no idea my friend...
I don't think you know me anyway

how were this story goes in love?
what do you mean?

you still didn't say who you are...

yes... it started with fear and because of this feeling you wanted to defence yourself
and started because of that to attack me.....
back to one of my first poems,the question is the intention, you went in fear
so you gave me a hard upfuck... (how were the story goes in love?..)

everytime I remind me:
there is no love in fear and
there is no fear in love...
maybe this illumination is also for you..

but now you're out of the circle of fear and flow in love so:
welcome home

Admit you're having fun of me Veronique.
You know know know I love you way way way more!!!

And then, I am not sure I did it intentionally either

Then, when you say I hurt you intentionally, it is because of fear/self-defence.

I know I am happy but it's like scary movie in the same time.
As I told you, distance make it all so charming and nice,
and the debate between now and never is the soundtrack of my life.
But I do not think it is really depending on me.
It is then a feeling I have got.
I can see coincidences everywhere, but...and if they are only coincidences?
I forcedly have to crash with reality, and I must see the reality.
But then, I have got your words, I thank God and so it crashes my world.

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6RDZwiMASU" title="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6RDZwiMASU">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6RDZwiMASU</a>

because I can't say it for sure

I have many answers:
in my heart, dreams, europe, here


except here

wanted to remark the difference between us:
I hurt you accidently
and you did it intentional

Why don't you tell mewhere did I meet you?

first let's forget "home" we have different associations

WHAT hurt you so much? you never told me. and I cannot imagine.
I cannot answer your question why not to hurt me.
yes do it, you can, you are able and.. you want.. so the question goes back, why not?
I could say why I won't it but.. that's not the question..

I won not even nothing. no love no honesty no respect no nothing. that's true.
hm maybe I won sadness but I had really(!) enough in my life of that so.. nothing new...

don't understand this
"You know better than me that yr house will forever be no less that 100 Km when we are the nearest ever been"
and just can comment : I KNOW NOTHING


What you call circle
I call it correspondence
I don't want to say good bye to you.
You can change my mood very much.
You have just spoiled my "supposed to be relaxed" night.
I stayed home. But don't think I regret it.
You know better than me that yr house will forever be no less that 100 Km when we are the nearest ever been.
Why should I ever think not to hurt you?
When I feel you hurt me as much as I couldn't wish to my worst enemy?
You get the truth from me, I think you can notice a world separating us too.
It is easy to play games when you begin and you have won from before the start.
The ironic thing is that we may both be mistaken.
I am at home already here (where I am, not the virtual way)
I live my home everyday, I don't have to go home.
If you are able to experiece this the way you do. It is all clear to me.
But as I told you I accept it, why don't you?
But something brings me back, and I have to consider you have yr life too.
And, for what I can, I respect it a lot, and I hope not to walk on the rest

I have come full circle with you
you don't want to go out and I don't want to stay in anymore
we will just repeat..

my goodbye present is the movie "where the wild things are"
my door is open if you want to be out of the circle and come home

and then, have you ever come?

ok go

ok go

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