Please tour. I need you in my life.

Oct 09

Please tour. I need you in my life.

Posted by kimsueblue on

Fuck the fame, money, or pressure. Tour because your fans and I love you guys. That's all. We have not faded or faltered in our love for you sluts. We have been there through thick and thin. So be there for me. Maybe just because I want to hear, 'barely legal', the anthem of my youth, one more time. Maybe because the first time I saw you guys ten years ago was one of the best times of my life. Or possibly because if you don't tour we will hunt you down, tie you to your musical instruments, and make you jam (while feeding you massive amounts of liquor, pot, and other mind expanding drugs). Most importantly though, do it because your music means the world to us, and you guys mean the world to each other.

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They NEED to tour! I simply must see them live!!! I love The Strokes!<3 if you guys tour you would make so many more people happy than the amount of money you would make. Please come to Texas or Colorado in the near future.

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