I don't give up..

Oct 09

I don't give up..

Posted by taC on

to save money but honestly... it looks not good..... I try!!

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in any case, to satisfy yr curiosity, I want to see you here meant that I wanted to see what would your answer be to the big big loss of time thing I wrote.
Here stands for here, as to say where u are right now, and where is yr virtual projection going to, which is here.
and see because you are seeing this right now.
If I think to this thing I must say that it is completely amazing.
You know what is the most fearful thing in the world I can think about right now? Deception.
I am sure you didn't undertsand anything. read, read re read you will get it. I am sure too.
Pls don't forget to answer to the previous question
Best regards

see? have I ever seen you?

I'm not sure too Smile
let's unravel

where is "here" and what means "see"?

mh...I am not sure you got what I meant to say...hum...

then I really will be there!

I really wanna see you here!

big, big loss of time.

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