Just discovered The Strokes THIS YEAR! (2014)

Feb 08

Just discovered The Strokes THIS YEAR! (2014)

Posted by LauraMancholaCOL on

Hello everyone!! I'm really happy that I found a way to communicate and interact with The Strokes fans from all over the world! I wanna tell you a little bit of my life.

I live in Colombia, actually in this country a LOT of people listen to rock and indie music, but I've always been into the tropical, pop, and a lot of musical genres except rock. I tried to include the rock in my life several times, but it just doesn't worked at all!!

So at the beginning of this year, I was on YouTube and I saw a new Daft Punk video recommendation! Instant Crush, so I watched it and I was like "Nice song! who's the singer? He looks really cool in that outfit, and although his voice was a little hidden because of the effect he seems to be very talented!" So I started listening his solo songs, and I just was surprised with his voice range and everything. But then I saw a lot of recomendations from The Strokes and since then I feel like my life is complete. It's been less than a month I guess, but I've listened so many songs that I really don't remember wich was the first Strokes song that I listened to!!

Anyways, when I started searching a little bit of the band, to know the members and a little of their history I ended so dissapointed of myself. Knowing that they exist since 1998 and just getting to discover them almost 16 years later is terrible!! But I think nothing happens to late, and I've enjoyed all of their songs, albums, live shows everything!! And thanks to The Strokes I completely changed my point of view about rock. I always thought that rock was all about guitars and screams and not getting serious about the lyrics but now... my life has changed because... you know. This band is everything, the lyrics, the music... all! They are so amazing that I really feel like they have improved my life.

So I hope to meet a lot of people here! A couple of friends are so happy that I'm exploring more and being very opend mind about new music and all of that!! Thanks to all the people that read this, hope you're going very good!! Finally I apologize for my english, it's not perfect but I did my best. Byeeee Smile

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