Basketball Strength Training

Mar 16

Basketball Strength Training

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( A ) the characteristics of basketball strength training and physiological basis

Comprehensive aperiodic sports are basketball , both short sprints , jumping, shooting, passing and other technical movements , but also a long fight , 'moving way . Therefore , in training to grasp the principle of comprehensiveness , so basketball players in terms of speed, strength , agility, endurance, jumping ability , etc. can have a higher specific qualities. Critical importance of large muscle groups without power , but also pay close attention to the power of small muscle groups in order to be able to complete a variety of high-speed confrontation intricate movements.

    Many factors determine the strength of the muscles , including genetic , psychological , physiological cross-sectional muscle , the optimal initial length of muscle , the brain's motor cortex excitability and central nervous system regulating capability. Such as the addition of genetic factors can not be changed , all other factors can be improved by training and improved . Basketball as a complex collective project , the requirements for strength training is more sophisticated, experts believe that strength training basketball players should be from the perspective of the special technology needs , based on the structure and physical properties of bone, mainly from increased muscle physiology cross section , increase muscle and improve the optimal initial length of the central nervous system 's ability to regulate other aspects of skeletal muscle , targeted training to achieve maximum growth of muscle strength .
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(B ) basketball strength training methods

Weight resistance training is the basic means to increase muscle strength , improve muscle strength and the effect of the former and the intensity of strength exercises , practice several times and the number of groups , such as load factors. Depending on the size of the load resistance can be divided into a variety of training methods , the percentage of P is the maximum load strength exercises strength index size , usually " repetition maximum (RM)" to indicate how much .

    An absolute strength training . Absolute power depends mainly on the development of large muscle strength training to increase muscle physiological cross-sectional , and secondly, to improve the coordination of muscle excitability and athletes can mobilize more motor units involved in the work , which can increase muscle contraction strength. Platonov said: by improving coordination between intramuscular and muscle to develop maximum strength , increased muscle size has nothing to do with the inside muscle coordination training method can effectively maximum strength without increasing muscle hypertrophy or muscle weight increased. Training is usually carried out using the maximum load method. Ie 1 ~ 3RM load for strength training , the number of groups is generally 8 to 10 groups. There are also reported in the literature of different strength training different muscle contraction mode load size , their specific exercise intensity , frequency and number of peer groups vary.

2 speed strength training . That explosive speed and strength training exercise . The formula is = force × distance / time. Explosive means within the shortest possible time to play out the capacity of the largest forces. Basketball players not only have plenty of absolute power for protection, is the foundation of good explosive movement speed , the height of the bounce , breaking speed, defensive movement speed and so has the most direct impact . Usually load effect 6 ~ 10RM best to particularly concerned about the speed of each action in order to ensure optimal power training effect , and also must be combined with improved speed endurance , good speed endurance is to ensure sustained speed and strength quality play basis .
3 strength endurance training. Strength endurance is both comprehensive strength but also endurance qualities , it is static or dynamic work for a long time to keep working to reduce muscle tension without the effect of athletic ability. Basketball players need to have good strength endurance . Typically we use 10 ~ 5RM load to increase strength endurance . Murph ·肯布普will be divided into short-term strength endurance , strength endurance , stamina and strength in a long time when the power of endurance, strength training can be considered the greatest growth in short-term strength endurance , strength and endurance in Table 3, when the method can be used , for a long time the power of endurance, can be appropriate to reduce the intensity of training to reach the maximum number of repetitions .
    Figure multi · Bo Mupa think basketball players muscular endurance can be slightly higher than the intensity of the game, to repeat certain actions joints or using strength training to improve the load should be between 50% to 80 % of 10 to 30 repetitions times ; All over 2 minutes more exercise time , the development of muscular endurance should be seen as an important factor in improving athletic performance .

Note (c ) Basketball Strength Training

1 load arrangements. In order to achieve the desired training effect , reasonable arrangements for basketball players training load is very important before you start the season , to ensure that the intensity of strength training , and in the competitive process of the season , may be appropriate to reduce the frequency and intensity strength training ( see Table 1 ) .
    There are three main load setting method :
    First, the experimental method, a block or before exercise certain muscle groups first give a lighter load , in order to achieve the warm-up and sports injury prevention purposes. In the first set of exercises to do when choosing effort can be completed without a load , after gradually increasing the load to increase physical fitness.
    Second, the weight percentage method , according to the athlete 's own body weight to the percentage of incremental arrangements strength training.
    Third, the power of the percentage method, the largest percentage of personal power to allocate and schedule strength training .
2 Number of groups (Drunk and the number of repetitions in each exercise (R). The number of complete sets and is closely related to the density of the exercise load . Typically the greater the load , the less the number of repetitions , and vice versa. Due to safety and health factors , young players in each exercise should be lighter load , while the number of repetitions should be higher ( 12 to 15 ) .
3 The time interval between each two exercises and training cycle arrangements. Rest time between two longer practice in a certain range, the muscles get the energy supplement longer time , more energy recovery . But rest for too long will lead to decreased muscle elasticity , viscosity rises and the consequent increase in the probability of injury . Generally rest 3 to 5 minutes is sufficient.
4 weekly strength training frequency. Time to practice the same set of muscles interval between two training sessions should be 2 to 3 days . Usually one week strength training arrangements for one, three, five , or two , four, six , but in general the season two times a week for strength training .
5 repetitive practice time . Strength training refers to the total time to complete the process of practitioners in each of strength exercises , the response action the pace . Under normal circumstances, beginners can employ low and medium speed training , and excellent basketball players are using the medium and high speed training more effective.
6 Exercises order. Practice exercises follow the first order of large muscle groups , after practicing the principle of small muscle groups . If within one day to complete body strength exercises , you can put upper and lower body exercises separately or left and right . Pay attention to the movement of the first multi-joint , single joint exercise in the post. For the same one or the same group of muscle training , pay attention to the former high-intensity exercise , low-intensity training in the post.
7 . Breathing. When strength training , must have been taken to avoid breath . Practice the most difficult stage to breath, relaxed stage should be to inhale . Before practice can inhale, hold your breath beginning to complete two-thirds of exercises exhalation , this breathing method can make a lot of blood returning to the heart , thereby reducing the load on the heart . In addition , strength training should pay attention to the agility, flexibility exercises combined with exercises to pay attention when using appliances to protect the waist and local vulnerable parts of the body , which is very important for basketball players . Preferably with a special guardian to observe and help force practitioners to practice.
Basketball player must have a good foundation of strength and explosiveness . Only in peacetime training enough attention to strength training , in order to make the game at a high level athletes should give full play to the technical , tactical , adapt to high intensity , large amount of adversarial basketball game , to gain advantage on the details , and gradually get the game initiative, and win the game .

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