Remodeling Projects that Add Value to a Home

Aug 16

Remodeling Projects that Add Value to a Home

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Whether homeowners are looking to sell their home or just looking to upgrade it, there are several remodeling projects that can substantially increase the value of a home. Many people hesitate when it comes to remodeling their homes because it often costs a lot of money, but if the projects are done right, homeowners will find that the upgrades were actually worth it for many reasons. If homeowners choose remodeling projects that provide a return on investment, the cost of the projects might not seem so bad. When people are considering moving, they also do not want to put a lot of money into remodeling their old home, which makes sense, but if they increase the value of the home, they will reap the rewards. Upgrading a home always increases the value.

Projects that are worth the money

U.S. News gives homeowners a helpful list of projects that are sure to raise the value of a home. The first suggestion they make is to upgrade the front door. Homeowners who replace their front doors should choose a door that matches the style of the home. Replacing doors and windows can also save money on utility bills. Old doors and windows often become loose and allow air from outside into the home and vise versa. By installing new doors and windows the seals become tight again, keeping the air inside instead of cooling or heating the neighborhood, which can become costly. Homeowners might even consider replacing their garage door. This can give a home an upgraded, modern look that is appealing to potential buyers. Another upgrade that adds value to homes is adding a wood deck if the yard allows it. Believe it or not the condition of the yard can make or break a sale, and a deck always looks nice. Instead of spending thousands of dollars adding onto a home for more space, use the space that is already available such as attics and basements. Converting an attic into a bedroom adds living space, ultimately increasing the value of the home. Remodeling the kitchen can be pricey, but it is one remodeling project that is always worth the cost. Kitchens are often the selling point for buyers, and if the kitchen looks like it needs to be upgraded, potential buyers most likely will move on to the next home. Sometimes kitchens do not need to be completely ripped apart. Often times a new faucet or painted cabinet, or even knobs added to the cabinets can give the kitchen a new and upgraded feel. No matter what needs to be done, though, kitchens are always worth the cost. One last upgrade that can add value to a home is by sprucing up the outside of it. Painting or replacing siding can add to the appeal of a home and catch the eye of potential buyers.

The nicer a home looks, the more likely buyers will be willing to pay for it.

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