Esa voz ronca y "raspadita" de Julián! Grrr! No hay banda que iguales The Strokes lml

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Ok let's say that it was partially true... :]
The truth is that I've been waiting for your answer and I got deceived by the fact you didn't.
I send you a kiss :]

bah forget it nothing said before was true

I am someone who waits for yr replies.
Since I met you here I am not living anymore...
You have no idea my friend...
I don't think you know me anyway

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how were this story goes in love?
what do you mean?

you still didn't say who you are...

yes... it started with fear and because of this feeling you wanted to defence yourself
and started because of that to attack me.....
back to one of my first poems,the question is the intention, you went in fear
so you gave me a hard upfuck... (how were the story goes in love?..)

everytime I remind me:
there is no love in fear and
there is no fear in love...
maybe this illumination is also for you..

but now you're out of the circle of fear and flow in love so:
welcome home

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