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I could have lied all this time, how could you see this?
You could have lied too...eh! the mistrust!
I do not know how I wil treat you, it will come natural to me.
For this instant I will treat you like an unknow person, as actually you are...
I will try to avoid my pre-conceptions (it will not be easy at all) and see who is you. Who is the person to who I am directing these words?
You could be a child, full of - again - expectations,
you could be a very nasty one full of bad intentions,
you could be just a curious one who wants to see this like it was for a penfriend.Read more

Ok friend I am thinking for a while and answer to you.

i didnt say that it was me who made the bread..
but you can treat me like a girl it doesnt bother me.
you can also treat me like a flower
would you embrace or trample me to grow higher
or like a tree, climb or top me
or water that you could drink
but also you could piss in
treat me like a vagina or a dick
sounds like i were just for a fick
-hello box-
i'm out

no, i don't think just and only trough my perception.
no, not difficult so i'm not confident.

worst case is death? hm hm interesting.
i'm usually in love with this thought
it gives me energy to do what i want.Read more

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