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you know what? I ve just changed my mind...not on wednesday, you will just not know when. And then you can decide what to do!

You will always win thought...you even know when...

Ok now I will just make you wait 3 days for my answer!
see my words on wednesday!!!

identity stuff is still an elephant in a little room so..
hello, my name is V., Vi, Vivi, Vé, Fe, VeRo (rolled r), Ronik, Vennik, Véronique-
I guess, all recently names I have... ah last name is Schneider
my name means triumph bringing tailor. I don't know if it's important,
I just read in janosch's peter strawhead and the invisible indian it would be..
because we a r e our name... hm nice theorie.
today I started with my intestinal-story (I really treat you like all my friends)
and now I do .... WHAT??
haha who knows.. I do not....or maybe...Read more

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