I agree!! I am sure there are a lot of fans of The Strokes in SA!! I also love your music and would love to see you live in South Africa!

fe shjfkemlfefsfefqwadakmndkama

heart says 'no'
don't know why

it is

but I guess it just says 'no' to iceland
not to you

I choose silence too
but my motivation is really different as yours

(that's ironie, by the way)


shouldn't we talk about an emergency option?
it seems to me you're not really interested in my... hm... "shit"... whatever...

I have no more ideas.

either I'm too unable to find a cheap plane or it is really expensive...
won't you help searching?

25 euro am 25.

funny, my card must be defect... I'll ask tomorrow
don't be nervous Smile

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