Excelente tema para Relajarse !!!

i love it


No, California first!

Just EXCELLENT!!! Greetings from chile Laughing out loud

i have 2, the logo anda the phrase "yoo only live once" and i'm so proud

The North East !!! i love all your songs!! please come to NYC!!!!!!

Please post the lyrics to Angles! I've been looking over at juliancasablancas.com and the lyrics to Moonlight, Two kinds, and Macchu Picchu are downright stunning. I would love to see the lyrics to the rest of this masterpeice. EVERY element of this disc is superb. The story behind the music truely makes the songs 10X better. Can't wait until your next disc and trip to Milwaukee.

Yeah - we've been waiting forever to see them - we'd even travel to the US if close enough. Worried we'll die waiting...

The Strokes need come to Florida ASAP
if they do my dreams will come true!!

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