Yes definitely. I'm gonna get their magna logo on my wrist and maybe a cool lyric like "Yes I know I'm goin to hell in a leather jacket" (yeah i know thats from Phrazes but its still Jules) somewhere else like on my ankle or something. or maybe ill just get THE STROKES PWN! across my forehead haha that would be fitting and very true : )

is a wonderful album, as above. The Strokes congratulations!

Idk if room on fire was the best album of the four i truly cannot choose theyre all so good in diffrebt ways. But i definitely think that ROF is the most underrated album. Every album got alot of attention- is this it got crazy positive attention, first impressions ppl liked for the most part but it still got alot of attention, and angles ppl either loved or hated but never the less still got a ton of media attention.Read more

I love this song!! Ten decisions shape your life youll be aware of five of those.... Such a good song. U can buy it on itunes ya know live from electric lady studios. Just jules singing and nick on piano.

not to mention today is my birthday!!!!!! birthday present please??!!!! im getting old and julian, you need to sing me happy birtthday marylin monroe style haha. BIRTHDAY PRESENT: PLAY IN BUFFALO NY

i love this video! i love all the close ups on jules's face and when they shoot him with his screaming face haha so sexy. and i love when it goes "and now every time that i look at myself" it shows like albert turning towards the camera in slow motion hahaha.ddddddddddddd

I love this music video (not for the porn tho). Its just so funny like when the strokes are in the studio and theyre so bored like the look on nick's face is hilarious. i also love david cross hes hilarious as woody (or in the morning hes morning wood haha). "Here's Stroke with Juicy Juice" haha i love that and at the end "Up next the friday morning fart song!" and in the background you hear crazy torturous screams haha love it. And yeah i saw that video where Fab said his mom thought he was the gay guy in the bathroom haha i see the resemblance!!!!Read more

yeah its not courtney love i saw an interview where they asked him and hes was like "no i have never met courtney love in a bathroom" haha. I know everybody likes to think that songs are about the song writers life but really for the most part i dont think they are with jules. ive seen him in interviews where they're like "explain this song" and he has no clue. I think its more city youth in general, not his own personal experience. but maybe im wrong. all i know for sure is i would LOVE to meet julian fernando casablancas in a bathroom. : )

the someday video is my favorite video of all time. I love jules to death but hes not always the best at dancing and some things can kind of look a little awkward sometimes (who am i to talk i did an attempt at the moonwalk god knows how many years ago at my school dance and knocked over two peoples drinks all over them, me, and the floor and spent the next 15 minutes on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor : P ) but i like how in the someday video everything is so natural - its just them hanging out, being unnaturally and unhumanly cool.Read more

OMG!!!!!!!! YES THEY SHOULD COME TO BUFFALO!!!! that would be my dream! ur from buffalo? so am i and everyone i talk to has no idea who they are. Blame it on the Beiberization of america's youth. damn u beiber!!!!!! We should start a petition to make them come to buffalo and if they wont we can kidnap them. I'll take jules u can take whoever u want and i know some ppl who can get the rest ; ) THEY NEED TO COME TO BUFFALO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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