I have NEVER seen the Strokes live...and I would so love to! Please do a show in Pennsylvania - or anywhere nearby - NJ or Maryland or Washington DC!...and...btw: play ANY of your songs - I love them all!

La musica es buenazaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, that would be beyond amazing, the strokes in Santa Marta at the beach in concert. That is the shit. Smile

You're the most beautiful thing i've seen Julian!


They should play concerts im not a big fan of them only doing festivals. Come on come to Chicago.

Jan 31

Entrevista de Nikolai a Jay Griffiths

<a href="http://therumpus.net/2011/10/five-questions/">No te pierdas la entrevista de Nikolai</a> a la autora Jay Griffiths sobre su libro <strong><i>Wild: An Elemental Journey</strong></i>, publicado por Penguin UK, para The Rumpus.
<center><a href="http://therumpus.net/2011/10/five-questions/"><img src="http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6038/6263818593_c35e714205_o.jpg"></a></center>Read more

Jan 31

NME Award Nominierung

Gestern Abend wurden in Zane Lowes Radioshow auf BBC 1 exklusiv die Nominierten der NME Awards verkündet!
The Strokes gehen in der Kategorie Best International Band ins Rennen um eine Trophäe des britischen Musikmagazins.

Und jetzt seid ihr gefragt: votet für die Strokes!! HIER geht´s lang. Die Awards werden am 29. Februar in der o2 Academy Brixton vergeben.
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This is my favorite song. Can not stop hearing it!

I am a sentimental man
I try to reach to God with just one hand

I'm just trying to find a mountain I can climb

Please don't slow me down if I'm going too fast

i hope they come again soon and do an australian tour as well Smile

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