shouldn't we talk about an emergency option?
it seems to me you're not really interested in my... hm... "shit"... whatever...

I have no more ideas.

either I'm too unable to find a cheap plane or it is really expensive...
won't you help searching?

25 euro am 25.

funny, my card must be defect... I'll ask tomorrow
don't be nervous Smile

got no money today... maybe tomorrow

haha sometimes I#M kinda stupid... hallo^^

just wanted to say: I don't get it.....
but maybe you just wanna say hallo?
don't know...


for sure your second name is
really long name, you shoeld change it to "easy"..


will see if I can find a bit money in my vagina
till... next month...

and dear, will you stop stalking now? please?

oh and do I need a ticket?
if yes maybe I'll search in other vagina's too.....
would be nice to know....

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