Nov 13

Primavera Sound

Posted by Dovski on

Soooooo I'm really really excited \o/
and I really really want to go ><
I'm from Tunisia but whatever, I will try my hardest to come, nthg is impossible :DD
So who is like me living far yet won't care and trying to come \o/

*Too much excitement I'm jumping all around

Aug 29

JC+TheVoidz Austin Concert

Posted by wezlee117 on

Who all is going?! I'll be there. I saw their Mexico City concert on YouTube and it was fucking beautiful, I can't wait.

Be there or be square yo. Text me or some shit if you're going. (830) 703-0362
I do not give anyone permission to contact me on any issues other than The Strokes. I do not give any third parties, or anyone for that matter, permission to bug me. So fuck off.

May 31

2 Tickets to Portchester available

Posted by ElectriCityScape58 on

Hey guys, I have 2 additional tickets to see the show tonight (May 31) at Portchester; willing to sell at face value ($30 plus the $10 service fee from TicketFly). I refuse to put these on StubHub given the crazy mark ups and rather sell it to a real fan. Hopefully this doesn't break the forum rules, but just trying to help.

Drop me an email at tom.mikluch [at] if you’re interested. Thanks!

May 21

I'm outside of Baltimore and I think it would be cool if I could latch onto someone and their car for a trip to the Port Chester show. I have my tickets already. It would be my brother and myself. I will pay for gas and tolls.

Text me 44436918848

May 16

a Thursday ticket pre-sale for fans ended 30 sec after they were released.

May 14

An offer you can't refuse..

Posted by holliegolightly on

Listen guys,

I did everything in my power to purchase tickets for the May 31st 2014 Capital Theatre Show in NY. I almost got in a couple times but it ended up selling out before 10:00 a.m. So I'm willing to part with my beloved Original Nintendo with Paperboy AND Knockout games for 2 measly tickets to the show, heck I'll even take tickets to the Governors ball.... It's really, as I said, an offer you can't refuse.

Let me know either way!!!


May 14

Capitol Theatre show

Posted by val2294 on

So I'm super excited for this show, yay!! I tried getting tickets today at 10 at The Strokes fan club presale but they were sold out even before 10 :(weird, but yeah I'm bummed Sad( there's another presale called the Gov Ball/Citi Bank presale, does anyone know the 'requirements' to access this presale? Like do you need to have bought tickets to Gov Ball, or have Citi Bank card, or both? If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it, thanks! Laughing out loud

Apr 18

Hey, the title says it all. I am an easy-going, die-hard Strokes fan from Seattle who so happens to be attending Governor's Ball to see their favorite band on my 21st birthday weekend. I will be bringing a friend, and we are trying to NOT dish out a ton of money on a hotel

So, if there is anybody out there with an extra couch in NYC who reads this, that'd be appreciated. We'd be clean and out of your hair most of the time we're there. We'd also pay you and love you, so to speak for helping us so much. Haha

Weird request, I know.


Mar 18

Tour London Mid June-July?

Posted by Ameerah on

The Strokes always said London is where they started to like launch so they should come back this year if they are doing Governers ball! People of the internet lets make this happen???

Feb 26

Tour = florida or death

Posted by I3thestrokesandshit on

Listen the strokes band,

I jut got engaged and my fiancé won't marry me until he sees the strokes play live. It's a condition. Can you guys do an actual tour that includes more than NY CITY? Like anything in Florida or Georgia?

Much appreciated,

Hopeful bride to be

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