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Saudades dos rapazes, a cada dia me trazendo mais alegrias com suas músicas, e videos. Tenho orgulho de vocês. Espero ansioso aqui no Brasil o show de vocês Smile

The only band that knows what real rock is about in these stupid times of bad music
I thank them for making such great music
10/10 <3

i love angles
i'm in love of the strokes

the video is beautiful :3 i love Angles <3

I'M IN LOVE WITH ALL OF YOU <3 Please come to Peru! You've got a lot of fans here (people who really appreciate music) it's going to be full but please!!!!

the best band of 2000s and for me, the best ever.

when do u come too MEXICOOOOOOOO??, cant wait to see you! you are the best!

love it!! can´t wait to see you in Mexico!!

the strokes are the best, your excellent album. great musicians
genial grupo, genial album, geniales musicos.

strokes is the best band of the world,

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