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This is my new ringtone love the song, love the video

I've loved y'all since middle school! I am 22 now..I will never outgrow you! <3 This is one of my all time favorite songs!

simplemente hermoso (L)


esta cancion es una de mis favoritas Laughing out loud

julian i love your eyes

my love for this song and this band will never die. pure awesomeness!!!!

lo que mas me gusta de esta cancion es el bajo. nikolai aki demuestra de lo k es capas....claro k los demas intrumento tambien se escuchan de lo mejor y Jules mi marido bueno sexy como el solo....fab y nick tambien son mis novios jiji.......strokes please come to Mexico!!!!!

Perfect..'s why this song is one of my fav...but i love more the drums..and Fab HAHA' ...(:

MIS GUITARRAS PREFERIDAS.............................INTOXICANTE"""""""""""""""""""""""

Jules!!!your voice is amazing !!! I'll be waiting for the strokes.... From Monterrey, Mexico!!! fuck yeah!!!

Laughing out loud nick you´re the best!!!!!!!

This song is awesome live! If you haven't gotten a chance to see them get on that immediately!

I remember when I first saw this video.. I thought "Wow, this is very different." And from there, I have become attached. <3

Reptilia is my weekday alarm tone. I don't think I'll ever get sick of this song ;D

they're all
so hot and so talented Laughing out loud

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