The End Has No End

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i started listening to the strokes over the summer too because i am a major arctic monkeys fan and alex was always talking about them so thought i'd check them out!! now i am addicted!! it is my dream to see you play live so please come to Europe and play smaller venues (not festivals). love you guys xx

eva looks hot in this video- as always

buena cancion y video
................ ME ENCANTA

never had seen nick got a fun look like this..........

Come to Peru, please ... are amazing !!!

I feel stupid right now. I've seen this video so many times, its not funny. And I just noticed at 1:04 is Jules and Nick! Pushing Ryan to go to talk to the girl! And again with Eva

i started listening to the strokes over the summer (machu picchu was the first song i heard and i've been IN LOVE with the strokes ever since!!!!!!) you guys absolutely rock i listen to the strokes every day and still can't get enough!!

es lo mejorrr este grupo. Me gustaria q simpre esten juntos por simpre la banda Y QQ PISEN TIERRA PERUANA-PERÚ-LIMA Y Q CANTE MACHU PICCHU

Es como una sandia sin semillas, ME GUSTA!!♥♥♥

Es como una sandia sin semillas, ME GUSTA!!♥♥♥

k buena rola yhea

i like

<3 que rola tan genial!!

hahaha Is that the monolith from 2001:A Space Odyssey?

hahaha Is that the monolith from 2001:A Space Odyssey?

I miss when they had the notes at the top and bottom of the screen, but I still LOVE this song. I don't think there's a day I go without listening to the Strokes.

This is my perfect song... I can't live without!!! I'm 13 years old and I love this song with all my heart. W THE STROKES 4 EVER! QUE LEGAL!

nick se ve guapisimo en este video y la voz de Jules bueno k puedo decir, es tan sexy......the strokes please come to Mexico!!!!

Arizz Como Desearia Que The Strokes Vinieran a Mexico... que tu estubieses conmigo ese dia Tocaran esta Bella Cancion Y Poder Dedicartela =) The Strokes Please Come To Mexico

HAHA' the little man ..xD...good video & you look pretty good ...<3

the end haas noo eeeend

Where is the video of heart in a cage??


I'm pretty new to the strokes, about a year now, but I feel like I have been keeping up with you guys for 10 years!!! Please come to California more! I desperately need to see it preformed live rather than youtubing concerts the next day! Preform more concerts rather than big events!!!! PLEASE! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

My DREAM!!! is to jam out on the drums with fab, My DREAM!!! is to sing with jules, My DREAM!!! is to jam out with nick on one of his classic rivieras, My DREAM!!! is to slapa the bass with nicholai, My DREAM!!! is to rock out with albert and his sky high strat!!! I LOVE ALL YOU GUYS AND ITS MY DREAM TO SEE YOU GUYS. If you ever see this PLEASE HOOK ME UP!!!! COME DOWN TO TEXAS PLEAASE!!!!!

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