Under Cover of Darkness

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I still miss their low budget music video. hope they will make a music video that show that they are the band from the past that come to the future or something like that. btw, still waiting for the next music video. I WANT TAKEN FOR A FOOL VIDEO

best music video ....you guys look ..beauty...Smile i just love the strokes (: ....

En verdad amo esta cancion y creo q tanto tiempo de espera hace que me guste mas!!

Nick is absoluty BEATIFUL! :3

"And I wait for you " touloulouuuu ! <3
I love this musiiiiccc !

LO MEJOR DE ANGLES!!!!!!!!!!!11

i love this song!!! the album angles is awesome too<33

julian casablancas makes me feel like a gitty little school girl <3 <3 <3

As much as I love this music video I still love Hard To Explain the most but still love this one extremely!

best music video EVER!!!!!

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